Out With the Old

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by fabulous quilt stores, here in the mountains of Utah. What that means for my tiny little sewing area is not necessarily as lucky. I have mountains of fabric that needs to be sewn through, and very little time to do it, now that I have one very active one year old!

So, now I need to thin my stash a little bit.

If you have always wanted some Hello Betty Retro or Erin Michaels Lush, send me a little note. Perhaps you have a little GOod Folks you would be willing to part with?


I will miss them though!

PS: Thanks to everyone who bid on my foxy! He is on his way to Amber in Hawaii! Thanks, Amber, for helping such an AWESOME cause!

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1 Response to Out With the Old

  1. Ooh…I’d love some of that Lush!! I have a set of photos on Flickr of fabrics that I’m willing to swap…let me know if you see anything that interests you!

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