My Name Is Amanda

and I am completely addicted to fabric. It’s true. I am embarrassed of my stash (mostly because it is strewn in piles throughout my house). And after stumbling upon some of this at my LQS, I found a new type of love. 

I had no idea it was this pretty in real life. I am hoping to trade pieces of it for enough unique squares of FMF to make this quilt for my daughter. I am completely inspired by Jessica’s over at Twin Fibers.

So, in one of my (many) moments of weakness, I broke down and bought this for a screaming good deal. I feel a bit guilty, and yet totally thrilled. It was pricey for fabric, but not for FMF.

And the dear woman, who I hope I can stay in touch with since we have  a ton in common, sent along a piece of matryoshka fabric. I LOVE the dear little Russian dollies. Someday, I will post some pictures of the beautiful matryoshka doll my sweet husband picked up for me in the Ukraine – before we had ever met. He’s amazing like that.

Feel free to send along any FMF scraps! I promise they are heading to a good home!

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