Pressed For Time

Hahaha, get it? PRESSED for time? Like ironing? I crack myself up sometimes 🙂

But seriously, pressed for time describes one person I know perfectly. My mom is the busiest person I know. She works, she volunteers, she is active in her church, she blogs and now she is hosting her very first giveaway. So head over here and tell her hi and check out all of the cool stuff she has made! You might find yourself the lucky recipient of a Central Park charm pack!

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1 Response to Pressed For Time

  1. Wendi says:

    Hey, girlie, thanks. I didn’t know you did this! That was so nice of you!!

    I’m doing giveaways every Friday in April.

    This week’s giveaway can be found here:

    PS: I’m almost to my 100th post. There might be something special for someone who leaves a comment on that post, too, but I’m not telling which one it is/will be.

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