Sweet Little Doll, Dears

The Doll Quilt Swap is done and it was challenging. When I begin a project, I am usually unable to focus on anything else until it turns out the way I want. I call these projects ‘suckers’ because they suck all of my thoughts until they are done.

This little dollface was a sucker for sure. She consumed my every waking thought. My partner for this secret swap is uber-talented. She is quite the talk of the town in certain circles and not only do I not want her to be disappointed, I want her to be thrilled when she opens her package!

When I think about quilts, when I {obsess} about the details, I notice silly things. I couldn’t stop thinking about how Heather Ross’ Sleeping Beauty drawing had the daintiest of heels aside her bed. I loved adding these silly slippers to this doll quilt.

I am thrilled with the effect of Annatchka’s face (that is what I named this dolly). I feel like it is perfect! I did it on the fly without thinking about it too much. I tried not to get nervous about her mouth. I am usually terrible about creating faces, but this one I am truly happy with!


So now she is on her way on her long voyage. I am scared for her! I cannot wait to hear she has arrived safely at her new home. So partner, if you read this, I am anxiously waiting to hear what you think!!

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1 Response to Sweet Little Doll, Dears

  1. Bryanna says:

    She is so beautiful Amanda!! She will be adored! I love the shoes ad the brown herringbone print for the hair was genius!

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