Secret Garden by Sandi Henderson

So, are we ready for a little more eye candy? Because up next is Sandi Henderson aka Portabellopixie with her upcoming fabric line: Secret Garden. Her booth was a stop, stare, take pictures, go back to staring and trying not to drool kind of place!

See that blue ribbon? It totally deserved to win a prize. Every single detail was perfect! I think my favorite detail was the bunnies she had made (from the pattern in her amazing book) that graced the picture frames. Note to self: make bunnies, buy picture frames.If that wasn’t enough, she had framed swatches of her fabric in hoops all over her booth. And according to her blog, the couch was custom made by her husband. I think he wins some major brownie points! And these tiny chairs with the game of checkers were just too sweet.She had all of the swatches of her new line hanging on one wall. And it included the colors for the upcoming line of solids that she will be including with Secret Garden. They are amazing. I will need every color. And those keys are to die for in real life. I honestly cannot wait until August when she releases these. Does it seem like a tease to release these at Spring Quilt Market in May and then make us wait (and wait and wait?)

So, those are the three color ways. As far as I can tell, the potential for this line is endless. I am loving it as wallpaper in her booth!She did such an amazing job with this line. She says it is the line she has always wanted to design, and it totally reads that way. I think I can honestly say it is a line I have always wanted to sew with 🙂

So there you have it, keys, iron fretwork, gorgeous damasks and bright, summery colors. All for you. All you have to do is wait until August 🙂 Does that seem like a tough job to anyone else?

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8 Responses to Secret Garden by Sandi Henderson

  1. Huge Sandi Henderson fan. HUGE! I will be purchasing some of it all!!

  2. Georgia says:

    It’s gorgeous! I especially love the print used as the wallpaper – delicious colours!

  3. Jessica says:

    I love the womens dress in the last photo! The whole range looks divine!

  4. randi says:

    your pics of this collection are great! i think this is my fave that sandi had put out so far. 🙂

  5. K Silvestro says:

    I love Meadowsweet, but I think I’m going to love this line even more!

  6. Lexi says:

    I want to live in that booth!

  7. Mimi Lee2 soon to be 3 says:

    Oh my my my AUGUST!!! I think I just had shortness of breath admiring these prints. I sense another “I MUST HAVE a FQ of the ENTIRE LINE at least!!! Certainly a well deserved blue ribbon to you too for publishing these great pictures.

  8. Brenda says:

    If anyone knows what pattern was used for the woman’s dress in the picture, please tell me! Love all the fabric!!

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