I Can’t Help Falling

…in love with the new Denyse Shmidt line of fabric. Is it called picnic? Is it called Fairgrounds? I don’t know. But I love it. It is the answer to my single girl picnic quilt prayers!

Isn’t she pretty! She makes me think of innocence, summer barbeques, and times when towns got together for barn raisings. It is perfect for how I feel right now: Enjoying spring, ready for summer!

So run out and get you some before it is gone the way of Flea Market Fancy!

The colors are so great in person! I bought enough to share with many of my flickr friends and I am keeping FQs for myself. ( I did list one FQ bundle on etsy!)


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Sweet Little Doll, Dears

The Doll Quilt Swap is done and it was challenging. When I begin a project, I am usually unable to focus on anything else until it turns out the way I want. I call these projects ‘suckers’ because they suck all of my thoughts until they are done.

This little dollface was a sucker for sure. She consumed my every waking thought. My partner for this secret swap is uber-talented. She is quite the talk of the town in certain circles and not only do I not want her to be disappointed, I want her to be thrilled when she opens her package!

When I think about quilts, when I {obsess} about the details, I notice silly things. I couldn’t stop thinking about how Heather Ross’ Sleeping Beauty drawing had the daintiest of heels aside her bed. I loved adding these silly slippers to this doll quilt.

I am thrilled with the effect of Annatchka’s face (that is what I named this dolly). I feel like it is perfect! I did it on the fly without thinking about it too much. I tried not to get nervous about her mouth. I am usually terrible about creating faces, but this one I am truly happy with!


So now she is on her way on her long voyage. I am scared for her! I cannot wait to hear she has arrived safely at her new home. So partner, if you read this, I am anxiously waiting to hear what you think!!

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Pressed For Time

Hahaha, get it? PRESSED for time? Like ironing? I crack myself up sometimes 🙂

But seriously, pressed for time describes one person I know perfectly. My mom is the busiest person I know. She works, she volunteers, she is active in her church, she blogs and now she is hosting her very first giveaway. So head over here and tell her hi and check out all of the cool stuff she has made! You might find yourself the lucky recipient of a Central Park charm pack!

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Such A Doll

Right now, I am working on my doll quilt swap mini quilt. It’s due Thursday, so there’s no pressure or anything. I am not sure what happened to the last three months, but I am blaming it on this little dolly.

Such a cute girl, but she is not on board with Mama’s need to sit down at the sewing machine. She loves to sit on my lap while I sew and push all the little buttons on my new machine. The results show this may not be the best thing for my little pieces of handcrafted goodness.

So, in the wee small hours of the morning, I created this:


It is a little matryoshka doll and I created the paper piecing pattern myself. I think I may do a quick how-to on how to create a paper piecing pattern and share what I learned with the world, if anyone is interested.

She has a long way to go, but I have a couple of days. I am sure it will come out all right!

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Pillow Talk

I thought I would share the fairytale ending of my little foxy friend. He is off to see the world in New Mexico with Ali, although I am sure his adventures won’t end there!

I am pretty happy with how this turned out, and I am thrilled that I was able to use the tiniest of tiny scraps gifted to me by Emily. The colors of FMF make me so happy and I really loved sewing with them!

I chose a hot air balloon because New Mexico hosts a hot air balloon convention every fall. I really want to attend! It is something on my bucket list.

I chose to make it into a pillow since I have no idea what to do with mini quilts, myself. I love them, I think they are adorable. But as of yet, I haven’t figured out what to do with them, other than let my little girl use them for her dollies.

I have been lucky to purchase and swap for a wee bit more FMF, so I think more playing with these lovely colors will be in my future!

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Off To See The World

I chose the name of my blog because during the scrappy hoops swap, I made up this little fox based on the illustration from ‘Hello Dear’ that hangs in my daughters room. It is the only piece of original art in our home and I love it dearly!

This little fox has picked flowers, shared his lolly, and now he is off to see the world. I am doing a private swap with Ali and I hope this little guy will brighten her living room!

I’ll share a few more pictures once he is done, but for now, he is sailing away from the land of mushrooms and bluebells…

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My Name Is Amanda

and I am completely addicted to fabric. It’s true. I am embarrassed of my stash (mostly because it is strewn in piles throughout my house). And after stumbling upon some of this at my LQS, I found a new type of love. 

I had no idea it was this pretty in real life. I am hoping to trade pieces of it for enough unique squares of FMF to make this quilt for my daughter. I am completely inspired by Jessica’s over at Twin Fibers.

So, in one of my (many) moments of weakness, I broke down and bought this for a screaming good deal. I feel a bit guilty, and yet totally thrilled. It was pricey for fabric, but not for FMF.

And the dear woman, who I hope I can stay in touch with since we have  a ton in common, sent along a piece of matryoshka fabric. I LOVE the dear little Russian dollies. Someday, I will post some pictures of the beautiful matryoshka doll my sweet husband picked up for me in the Ukraine – before we had ever met. He’s amazing like that.

Feel free to send along any FMF scraps! I promise they are heading to a good home!

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