Moda: Cosmo Cricket 1934 and More!

*This giveaway is closed! Thanks for playing!*

I am so glad to hear how excited you are about little apples. Aneela is a really sweet blogger and her designs really make me smile! There is so much to see at market, so let’s visit another designer who is sharing a booth with Aneela, Cosmo Cricket. Seriously, I love their upcoming line, Circa 1934.

See those little baggies? They are filled with more mini charm packs. Want one? Keep reading!This line has so many prints that I can imagine in so many quilts. I even think a skirt out of the typewriter keys would be adorable. And the random sized numbers is begging to back a quilt or two. I love the retro throwback vibe that this line is putting out right now.

My only regret about this line is that there wasn’t more booth to photograph. It was way too adorable to be confined to one little corner! There are so many other booths to show you. There is Hometown by Sweetwater (seriously, they rock!)

And I really feel like Camille’s booth deserves it’s own blog post, but Camille did a fabulous job so head on over and take a look at her fun new fabric Ruby and the fun patterns she debuted at market.

There is just so much to see, but right now, I need to pass along another charm pack. These are 2 1/2″ and are just right for my little fabric sweet tooth!
Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934

Today, I am giving away my Circa 1934 ย mini charms.

If you would like to throw your hat in the ring, all you need to do is leave me a comment telling me which line from market, whether I have posted pics or not, you are the most excited about. Do you already have plans for fabric that isn’t for sale yet? I know that I do!

And, for the winner of the Little Apples charms, they are going to #23:

“Faithย says:

Such great fabrics coming out! Thank you for the giveaway!”

Faith, I’ll be sending you an email ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you everyone who left a comment!

PS: Anyone know how to get an image of the random # generator?

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Moda: Little Apples Fabric by Aneela Hoey

Thanks for playing! This giveaway is now over ๐Ÿ™‚

Want a shot at one of these? They are passing them out left and right at Quilt Market, and since you are on the Quilt Market tour bus, perhaps one will find it’s way into your studio!One of the obvious favorite lines from Quilt Market is little apples by Aneela Hoey of ‘Comfortstitching’. The colors of this line are much more intense than the Sherbet Pips colors and they will be just perfect for summer and fall! Aneela’s booth was too cute for words, so I’ll let a picture do the talking:Moda was going for a ‘country fair’ theme and I think it really worked! The little apples fabrics really stood out due to the intensity of the aquas and greens and her booth was always crowded.ย I loved this little pillow. All of the embroidery in Aneela’s booth must have taken forever, and each piece was so exquisite. Aneela shared her booth with a new designer from across the pond ‘Cabbages and Roses’. They are a mother daughter team and their new line Northcote will be out around the same time as Aneela’s fabric hits the shelves. ย The fabric is made of light, airy florals and there was a Union Jack quilt made out of it that I could love forever. Unfortunately, I was so in love with this dress, I forgot to take any other pictures!Needless to say, it is made up of some amazing florals. Dear Cabbages and Roses, I am sure this dress will fit me. Pretty please? โค a crafty fox

So there you have it. Gorgeous fabrics from Britain. It seems like such great things are happening in the fabric world and so many more choices are being offered.

Now, if you would like a chance to win the little apples mini charm pack (and free pillow pattern designed by Aneela including an embroidery pattern!) here is what you do:

Leave me a comment. It is that easy. I don’t like hoops to jump through, and I am guessing you really just want to put this in your pocket and head to the cosmo cricket booth where they are handing out more mini charm packs (hint!). Leave me a comment saying something nice about someone else, on the blogosphere or not. (preferably not about me, that would just be awkward). I’d love links to what you are talking about, but it isn’t required at all.

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to share this line with you!

ETA: Please pretty please leave me some way to get in touch with you! I’ll close this giveaway friday night-ish ๐Ÿ™‚

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Secret Garden by Sandi Henderson

So, are we ready for a little more eye candy? Because up next is Sandi Henderson aka Portabellopixie with her upcoming fabric line: Secret Garden. Her booth was a stop, stare, take pictures, go back to staring and trying not to drool kind of place!

See that blue ribbon? It totally deserved to win a prize. Every single detail was perfect! I think my favorite detail was the bunnies she had made (from the pattern in her amazing book) that graced the picture frames. Note to self: make bunnies, buy picture frames.If that wasn’t enough, she had framed swatches of her fabric in hoops all over her booth. And according to her blog, the couch was custom made by her husband. I think he wins some major brownie points! And these tiny chairs with the game of checkers were just too sweet.She had all of the swatches of her new line hanging on one wall. And it included the colors for the upcoming line of solids that she will be including with Secret Garden. They are amazing. I will need every color. And those keys are to die for in real life. I honestly cannot wait until August when she releases these. Does it seem like a tease to release these at Spring Quilt Market in May and then make us wait (and wait and wait?)

So, those are the three color ways. As far as I can tell, the potential for this line is endless. I am loving it as wallpaper in her booth!She did such an amazing job with this line. She says it is the line she has always wanted to design, and it totally reads that way. I think I can honestly say it is a line I have always wanted to sew with ๐Ÿ™‚

So there you have it, keys, iron fretwork, gorgeous damasks and bright, summery colors. All for you. All you have to do is wait until August ๐Ÿ™‚ Does that seem like a tough job to anyone else?

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Heirloom by Joel Dewberry

So, for our next stop on the Spring Quilt Market tour bus, I am going to show you as much as I can of the Joel Dewberry booth. I got to meet Joel, and my is he tall. Tall and very kind. And smitten with his wife (thought I would add that so no one got any ideas ๐Ÿ™‚ )

His booth was drenched in color. He had swatches of both Aviary 2 and Heirloom because he is one very busy guy. Most of the decor was made out of his Heirloom line which should be out this summer. But I’ll stop talking so you can admire his booth:He and his lovely wife have been sewing and working up a storm! Not only does he have 2 new fabric collections, but they debuted a bunch of fantastic patterns at quilt market!

Bags and Dresses and Skirts, oh my!

All of these are sewn out of his Heirloom fabric, and the pictures don’t do it justice! Each piece of each colorway just makes me smile. The fuschias, the tangerine and aqua combos, well, they promise lots of happy days with my sewing machine and beautiful finished quilts and flirty skirts. I may need to stock up!

Now, I might be way off, but I am fairly sure there is a bit of Home Dec weight fabric included in this line. Isn’t this chair fantastic?

So there you have it. Heirloom is beautiful and fantastic. I know that this is on my most wanted list. What about you?

ETA: This line DOES have a Home dec weight…and laminate and voile too! Yay!

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louLOUthi by Anna Maria

Anna Maria Horner’s booth at Spring Quilt Market is simply amazing! It is hard to sum it up in only one post, to be sure, but I am going to try. Here is a panorama of the entire booth.There is so much going on and so much to look at, it is hard to choos what to focus on in my blog!

I guess I will start with the fun news from market! Anna is releasing some needlepoint fabrics, patterns and some signature floss colors:

And louLOUthi is being released in voiles, cottons and laminates. The laminates are so nice, I think I could make all of my little girl’s clothes out of them. Then, when she gets muddy, I can just hose her off.

Then, there are the cushions, that are just way too cute!And there were quilts in various stages of finishing and beautiful voile dresses:

She had cabbage roses, which are my absolute favorites set near sweet works in progress:

Each aspect of her booth was beautifully thought out and she and all of the lovely girls who work for her were so sweet and kind. I can’t wait to get my hands on this fabric and start sewing with it. It should be out later this month!

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How To Eat an Elephant

Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City isย Big, scary, overwhelming, inspirational, fun, social, a must-see must-do experience and I am so very glad I got the opportunity to go. I will admit I was terrified to go. I am not someone who naturally gravitates to large groups. Quilt market definitely tested my courage, but I went and feel like it was a fantastic experience.

I found the easiest way to conquer market was to have a plan. Yesterday, I walked up and down each aisle, trying to take it all in. Today, I made a plan, listed my targets and checked each spot off of my list, one by one.

Here is Joel Dewberry’s new line displayed at his [amazing] booth:

I’ll probably write an entire post on Heirloom, but the colors are so intense, rich and amazing. I can’t wait to sew with it. His displays were flawless and I can so see these colors making me smile laying on a bed or as a dress or handbag.

Then, I took a bunch of pictures of Sandi Henderson’s new line and her booth for a blog reader (who left me a comment! I love comments!) You can find TONS on flickr, but for this post, I’ll leave it at this:

There are so many fabulous fabric lines coming out in the next 6 months and I think many of them deserve their own post, so I will be posting each designer’s line separately over the next couple of weeks. Because, really, don’t you want to see more than just one photo of Far Far Away 3 by Heather Ross?

Thanks for reading my blog. I am adding a google friend connect button. I would love it if you would follow me. I’d also love to know how to respond to comments via email so I can say thank you. Does anyone know how to do that on wordpress?

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This Little {Foxy} Went to Market

I went to market! I have ‘beans’ to spill, as Camille would say. But I am not ready to spill them here, yet!

I had so much fun, met some super cool peeps, and got to see all of those famous people whose blogs I study more religiously than I should. I had a great day seeing shops and lunching with some super cool ladies. I don’t want to tell you how nervous I was to meet them, but I was. And they were just as fabulous in real life. So, thanks, ladies, for hanging out with me!

Then there was sample spree (that isn’t me, this is just a random shot of the moda booth.)

When you first walk in, market is so huge and a bit overwhelming. So, today I set out ot conquer my fear of large arenas. I wandered aisle after aisle of gorgeous patterns, inspiration, and (of course) fun, new fabrics! I introduced myself to a few new people (and tried not to geek out:) ). And I was careful to not drool on Anna Maria Horners new voiles.


Sarah Jane

Little Apples

And of course I didn’t make it out of sample spree empty handed. I found so many beautiful fabrics, it was tough to choose, but I came home with these:

So, tomorrow I am headed back to market again! If there are any pictures you want to see, let me know and I’ll grab them for you! The whole experience of having Spring Market in Salt Lake City, being able to drive up and back without staying at a hotel and even getting to meet people from blog and flickrland is so fun for me! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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I Can’t Help Falling

…in love with the new Denyse Shmidt line of fabric. Is it called picnic? Is it called Fairgrounds? I don’t know. But I love it. It is the answer to my single girl picnic quilt prayers!

Isn’t she pretty! She makes me think of innocence, summer barbeques, and times when towns got together for barn raisings. It is perfect for how I feel right now: Enjoying spring, ready for summer!

So run out and get you some before it is gone the way of Flea Market Fancy!

The colors are so great in person! I bought enough to share with many of my flickr friends and I am keeping FQs for myself. ( I did list one FQ bundle on etsy!)


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Sweet Little Doll, Dears

The Doll Quilt Swap is done and it was challenging. When I begin a project, I am usually unable to focus on anything else until it turns out the way I want. I call these projects ‘suckers’ because they suck all of my thoughts until they are done.

This little dollface was a sucker for sure. She consumed my every waking thought. My partner for this secret swap is uber-talented. She is quite the talk of the town in certain circles and not only do I not want her to be disappointed, I want her to be thrilled when she opens her package!

When I think about quilts, when I {obsess} about the details, I notice silly things. I couldn’t stop thinking about how Heather Ross’ Sleeping Beauty drawing had the daintiest of heels aside her bed. I loved adding these silly slippers to this doll quilt.

I am thrilled with the effect of Annatchka’s face (that is what I named this dolly). I feel like it is perfect! I did it on the fly without thinking about it too much. I tried not to get nervous about her mouth. I am usually terrible about creating faces, but this one I am truly happy with!


So now she is on her way on her long voyage. I am scared for her! I cannot wait to hear she has arrived safely at her new home. So partner, if you read this, I am anxiously waiting to hear what you think!!

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Pressed For Time

Hahaha, get it? PRESSED for time? Like ironing? I crack myself up sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

But seriously, pressed for time describes one person I know perfectly. My mom is the busiest person I know. She works, she volunteers, she is active in her church, she blogs and now she is hosting her very first giveaway. So head over here and tell her hi and check out all of the cool stuff she has made! You might find yourself the lucky recipient of a Central Park charm pack!

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